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WDO Inspection

(Wood-Destroying Orgasnisms)

In Florida, wood-destroying organisms (WDO), including termites, powder post beetles, and wood decay fungi, pose a significant threat to homes and businesses. Patriot Pest Management offers a specialized WDO inspection service, adhering to Florida's strict regulations and standards to identify and evaluate WDO's presence and damage.

Inspection Process

  1. Thorough Examination: Our trained inspectors conduct a comprehensive assessment of all accessible areas susceptible to WDO, including foundations, attics, wooden structures, and other critical points within the property.

  2. Compliance with Florida Regulations: We follow Florida's specific WDO inspection guidelines and standards to ensure a legally compliant and detailed assessment.

  3. Identification and Damage Assessment: Our experts accurately identify WDO species, evaluate the extent of damage, and assess conditions that might encourage WDO activity, in accordance with Florida's regulations.


Report and Recommendations

  1. Prompt Reporting: Patriot Pest Management takes pride in delivering the detailed WDO report within minutes after the inspection, ensuring a timely response and quick decision-making.

  2. Comprehensive Recommendations: We provide actionable and customized recommendations to address WDO issues, fully aligned with Florida's pest control regulations.

  3. Documentation Compliance: Our team ensures that all necessary paperwork, including Florida's official WDO inspection form, is accurately completed and available immediately.


Why Choose Patriot Pest Management

  • Specialized Expertise: Our inspectors are highly trained and licensed in WDO identification, assessment, and management according to Florida's unique requirements.

  • Swift Reporting: Our ability to provide the WDO report within minutes sets us apart and adds value to your inspection experience.

  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: We focus on delivering clear communication, meticulous inspections, and tailored solutions to meet your needs.



Patriot Pest Management's Wood Destroying Organisms inspection service in Florida is a vital safeguard for your property. Our adherence to the state's regulations, thorough inspection process, and commitment to prompt reporting make us a preferred choice for WDO inspections.

Whether you're selling, buying, or simply maintaining a property, our WDO inspection service provides essential information and peace of mind, quickly and efficiently. Contact Patriot Pest Management today to schedule your comprehensive Wood Destroying Organisms inspection, carried out to meet Florida's specific needs and regulations. Our expert team stands ready to serve you with the accuracy, speed, and integrity you deserve.

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