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Termite Control

At Patriot Pest Management, termites are our specialty, and we understand the serious damage they can inflict. Our comprehensive termite service is tailored to detect, prevent, and eradicate termites, providing peace of mind and security for your property.

Termite Inspection

Our process commences with a meticulous inspection by skilled technicians using advanced tools. This examination identifies termite species, the extent of infestation, and potential access points.


Termite Prevention

  1. Pre-Construction Treatment:

    • Soil Treatment: Application of liquid treatments to the soil, forming a barrier against termites.

    • Wood Treatment with Borate: Protecting wooden structures by treating them with borate, a proven termite deterrent.

    • Bait Stations: Installing bait stations as a strategic method for ongoing termite control and monitoring.

  2. Preventative Barriers:

    • Liquid Treatments: Encircling the property with a chemical barrier.

    • Bait Stations (Trelona): Strategic use of bait stations to monitor and control termite activity continually.


Termite Eradication

  1. Treatment Options:

    • Liquid Treatments: Precision application to infested areas.

    • Bait Stations (Trelona): Employing bait stations to systematically eradicate termite colonies.

  2. Tailored Solutions: Developing a customized plan based on the specific infestation, ensuring thorough elimination.


Termite Bond

We also offer a termite bond that includes unlimited free inspections and guarantees prompt and efficient treatment if termites reappear, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to your property.


Monitoring and Follow-up

Regular monitoring and follow-ups ensure that treatment remains effective, and any new termite activity is swiftly handled.


Free Estimates

We provide free, transparent estimates for our termite services, crafting personalized solutions that align with your specific needs.



Patriot Pest Management's termite service delivers a robust defense against termites through prevention, targeted eradication, and ongoing care. Including innovative pre-construction options such as bait stations and wood treatment with borate, we are well-equipped to safeguard your property from termites. Our commitment to excellence and environmentally responsible techniques makes us a preferred choice for termite control.

To discuss our termite service further or to arrange a free estimate, please contact our professional team at Patriot Pest Management. Allow us to help you protect your property from the threat of termites today.

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