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UF/IFAS Florida Termite Distribution Map Update

Understanding the distribution of termites in Northwest Florida has become more accessible thanks to the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences' (UF/IFAS) Termite Distribution Map. This interactive tool is a vital asset for homeowners and pest control professionals, including our expert team at Patriot Pest Management.

At Patriot Pest Management, we understand the critical importance of staying ahead in the fight against termites. We utilize this map to enhance our termite control services, ensuring we address the specific termite species present in your area. Our approach is tailored to combat the unique termite challenges in Northwest Florida, backed by our commitment to effective, environmentally responsible solutions.

For an in-depth view of termite distribution in Florida, visit the UF/IFAS Termite Distribution Map, and for more information about termite prevention and control, contact our office at 850-994-3990 or

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